Z and C (Zee and Cee) Purlins

C and Z Purlins

We are a leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of C and Z Purlins, Z and C Galvanized Purlin from Pune, Maharashtra, India. C and Z Purlins are secondary members of steel structures which serve as the basic material of construction for fast-track projects. These purlins are categorized by high strength, yet low cost (as a result of the high strength to weight ratio). Purlins are supplied in required sizes and lengths with pre-punched holes for quick bolting. The Z and C (zed and cee) shaped sections are as it should be roll-fashioned via cold forming from excessive-power zinc-alloy lined metal as a way to provide an inexperienced, light-weight and fee green roofing, cladding and walling help system, for framed systems.

Advantages of Z and C Galvanized Purlins :
  • Very high strength-to-weight ratio: high strength–low cost
  • More than 40% saving in steel
  • More than 30% saving in overall construction cost
  • Easy and low-cost handling and transportation
  • Economy due to reduction in dead weight on the main frame structure
  • Significantly reduce installation time
  • Ability to span long lengths
  • No site drilling or cutting required
  • Maintenance free owing to application of proper surface finish
  • Purlins are factory finished, cut to application of proper surface finish
  • 45 degree(use degree sign) lip for better sectional modulus and easy nesting
Thickness Length: Material: Yield Strength: Surface paint reflection Coating
1.5MM to 3MM Upto 12M CR Steel as per IS:513 245 MPa to 345 MPa GALVANISED

120 GSM/175

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